break glass, not hearts

motion | showreel2011 for me


audio: joy division/disorder

motion | showreel2011 for them


a compilation of some corporate and animation work.

audio: the arcade fire/tunnels

project | cascoland durban2008

Cascoland is a Dutch initiative focussed on interventions in public space. The project has taken place in multiple countries, and in 2008 Durban played host to the group of artists who travel with the project. Cascoland teamed up with Vega, allowing us the opportunity to work on the project in groups.

The theme for Cascoland Durban2008 was mobility. The project was based in the heart of Durban, a transport hub called Warwick Junction. A satellite node was also set up in the informal settlement of Little Cato Manor.

Student participation was on a weekly project basis, with each week requiring the interrogation of the concept of mobility through a different medium.

Group members: Bernadene Varty, Robyn Shafto, Jessica Rogers, Stephanie Jonson, Amy-Lee Ducasse, Cuan Rootman.


Week 01 required a combination of tasks - start to make users of the urban space aware of the Cascoland project and it’s upcoming festival, as well as gain an understanding of the people with whom we were interacting.

Speech bubbles were created and pasted all over the Durban CBD and were activated by the group in key areas. Users of the space (either permanent or transitory) were asked to share their thoughts by filling in the speech bubbles.

video 01: visibility

image 01: pasting the speech bubbles around the Durban CBD

image 02: the bubbles were a hit with the people on the street

image 03: some really amazing and unexpected thoughts were shared 

image 04: some thoughts were funny, some heart-wrenching

image 05: all thoughts are indicative of the everyday issues facing the users of the space


Week 02 called for an intervention into the public space. What we had noticed was a distinct lack of greenery and shade in the inner city so we aimed to create a mobile garden. We worked with unemployed locals to move the garden around to see exactly how the users of the space, primarily those around the transport hub, interacted with the garden. What we found was that there was very little interest in the garden itself, and a lot more interest in the activity of moving the unusually mobile greenery about. At the end of the project, the trees were taken to Little Cato Manor, a nearby informal settlement, and planted there to form a permanent garden for those living in the shanty town.

video 01: intervention

image 01: Little Cato Manor, the final resting place for the hardworking greenery

image 02: locals got involved in the planting of the new garden


This video was our third contribution to the Cascoland Durban2008 project. The group decided to focus on the wishes that belong to the people who move through the Durban CBD and the residents of Little Cato Manor. Our initial assumption was that we would only be told “superficial” wishes, however what clearly emerged was that the people who travel through or live in these areas (the majority of whom live in dire poverty) were open about what their dreams are, and most of them were for basic things like food, jobs and education. On the contrary though, the other artists and students working on the Cascoland project did land up giving us, not necessarily always superficial wishes, but wishes that were definitely in the realms of wealth and comfort. 

Concept, filmshoot: Group. Editing: Bernadene Varty.

Audio: Sigur Rós - Untitled 3.

video 01: moving images


Week 04 was spent updating the now defunct Cascoland Durban2008 blog.


Week 05 saw the group create a fold out zine focussing on the relationships between the concepts of play and mobility and how these relate to Durban and the Cascoland project itself.

image 01: zine front

image 02: zine back

image 03: selected areas

motion | journey


A visual exploration of the concepts of journey, space and ownership.

Special thanks to Alexander Sudheim for allowing the use of the archival footage.

motion | NO MUSIC. NO LIFE.

promotional video created for featuring the photography of 40 of the world’s greatest rock ‘n roll photographers. directed by Jill Furmanovsky, scripted and edited by Bernadene Varty.

audio: hedoniacs/free

motion | die volk (is in die kak)


unofficial music video created for The Buckfever Underground’s Die Volk (Is In Die Kak).

winner design indaba2008/construction new media awards/silver

finalist pendorings2008/studente/alternatiewe media

finalist loerie awards2008/student/motion graphics

project | apollo11 exhibition

an exhibition exploring the histories inherent in found objects and the narratives evoked by these.

4 - 8 august 2008 at gallery 415, umgeni road, durban.

Mail & Guardian, August 2008